Monday, October 31, 2011

Stopping to Start

The Neuropathway Not Taken
34x46in Jude Spacks 2011 (available)

My rapid neighbor was already whizzing away after our chat, when she called back over her shoulder, "I'd like to start writing again, myself--but I never get to it. Sometime, could you tell me what to do?"

Putting on an imaginary white coat and a take-two-aspirins-and-call-me-in-the-morning tone, I answered, "Everyday for a week, write for 10 minutes or 5 sentences, whichever comes first, and then stop."

She scooted back towards me, shaking her head. "Oh, no, I have to write at least a page...that's what I used to do."

"Well, fine, but have you written that page lately? Try 10 minutes or 5 sentences, then stop. Later you can do more--you'll want to. But the first practice is the stopping."

I didn't have time to elaborate--about how she'd Stop Not-Writing (briefly) and then StopWriting OnPurpose (also briefly, til the next day). The combo might warm her up by shifting the pattern she was in and reminding her, in actual experience, of her real freedom to write or not.

She looked intrigued. As she hustled away, she said, "I can always use practice stopping!"

Most of us can use practice stopping, especially when there's some resistance to starting something.

What would you like to stop?

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