Wednesday, October 3, 2018

You, Too

You, too
lit up in brave grace, standing
(or sitting, or lying crumpled
however puny, still in grace)
Thank you. 

Courage tells the truth you know so far
(Listen, maybe you tell only yourself for now)
Thank you, too.

Waiting for the moment you're called--
may you know how to say right then
what only you can say

(maybe it shakes your voice,
shakes the ground, 
quakes the last leaf
of that tree always falling 
in the forest no one hears)


Does it drop like a coin into a well? 
Like a tumbler in a lock? 
Like the full-throated silence 
within a true love song?
Sorrow, fury, terror,
mama bear howls of NO–
they gather flow
all the way down 
to the ocean of YES,
fierce, tender truth
that sets us free

May you know your holy human shine
sensing ever deeper truth to tell:
Thank you.