Monday, October 27, 2008

What Goes Around

A few Sundays ago I sat at a picnic table on a hill in a park, waiting for my laundry to cycle at the laundromat. It was a beautiful, quiet fall day. I wasn't thinking about anything. Suddenly it came to me that Obama would win the election. I felt calm and certain. I wept a little with joy and relief.

One day more recently, that certainty had left me. I felt anxious about the world. I saw a friend in the market. "How do you handle it when you get worried about the election and everything?" I asked. "Well, I remind myself that you got a psychic message that Obama was going to win!" (Someone else had told her).

"Actually, I got the same thing myself just this morning, so I can pass it back to you," she continued. "Also, I go outside. That helps. And I take
chamomila homeopathic remedy." "Do you have any with you?" "Yes!" and she dug the little blue vial out of her purse....