Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Beach (fabrics) 10x23in

Here, cupped within the brimming horizon,
held with the same yearning gravity
that spins planets courting suns

Innocence Mandala, fabrics, 9in diameter

now, while whirlygig galaxies
bloom on all sides equally infinite

Constellation (detail) fabrics

as lush within your intimate cells,
the DNA couples again,
its patient twining fingers
stroking the braille of wholeness

Zinnias (detail) fabrics

while you scratch, or fart, or sigh, forsaken,
you matter, you are spirit-matter,
the very center of everything,

Moment (fabrics) 16x18 in (available)

the vast spaciousness inside the atoms,
the zinging quarks never in one place-time
to call here and now at once;

you, that huge a trueness,
private, particular and first-time-ever,

Scorpio Rose, detail, fabrics, '97

all the way out and all the way in:

you are made of love.
Love can never leave you.

Jump for Joy (detail) fabrics