Saturday, February 9, 2008

The World Oracle

The World Oracle

Ask, why? to hear because;
ask, now? for yes or no.

How also works inside out,
like this: how do I make money
out of lazy bones and short days?
Try: how does no-money unmake me,
in willing boneless long nights?

Is it over? Did it start?
Am I getting warmer?

What do you really want to know?

Does love choose?
Do cats ever blink for effect,
or do they always mean it?

Don’t be silly.
Hold your question
like carrying water
in your hands to drink.

Next, be still and walk about listening.
Circulate like the child navigating
the whole room while all the obedient
ones close eyes in prayer. In stealth
and glee and solitude wait unknown
for some one thing to speak to you.

A pebble glittering with sunshards
in a hoard below a drainpipe
told me, “be wealth.”
The schoolbus from behind
said, "wait to learn."
Sidewalk cigarette filter said,
“it's over: drop it.”

The world oracle flashes, terse and true
like fish shadows in windy moonlight.