Thursday, August 7, 2008

Show Up

What Is, fabrics, fabric paint, pastel, acrylics 36"x56" '08

I've had an intense month of finishing work for a solo show in the gallery at The Belfast Free Library. Now it's up, for the month of August! The opening happened and most of the left-over snacks have even been eaten. In my little apartment, the walls are blessedly clear, and almost all the pins have been swept up off the floor.

First to try the snacks

I ride my bike down to the Library most mornings to check on the flowers in the pieces with mirrors and tiny offering vases, and to see if anyone's left me a note in the book. If you're in Maine and can find time to stop in, please do.

The piece What Is at the top of the post is the biggest and sunniest in the show--it gets to be a focal point in the room. Read about its beginnings here. This is the photo that inspired it:

More to come....