Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dark Moon

Waning Moon with moonstone

We're almost to the dark of the moon, as we also near the time of longest night, Winter Solstice. So often we extol light, making it a metaphor for good, but rarely even acknowledge the Still, the Unknown, the Invisible, the Dark.

December Sun (fabrics) 6x10" (available) '01

Fear of the Dark is old and deep with many of us. But what a fertile moment is there, in the not-knowing, not being able to see, when dark is surrendered to. What a blessing to be able to let go, when we can, to let go and be done, complete. Byron Katie says, "You know what I love about the past? It's over."

Letting Go Altar Cloth, fabrics

"My face in the mirror looks like my face--it is the face I know best. The light rushes into the pupil of my eye, carrying with it the information that is within range of my vision, carrying with it the world, but what I see when I look at where the light goes in is blackness, deep and velvety. Light goes in and darkness looks back at me. " -- The Speed of Dark, by Elizabeth Moon

Dark Moon Release, fabrics, '96?