Thursday, June 12, 2008

Art First

It's happened again. The sneaky habit that puts off creative work has latched on like a leech. Days fill up with looking for bacon to bring home, and other necessities and frivolities. And in the back of the busy buzzing head drips the sad old song: when will I ever get in the studio, visit that Zone of creative flow?

So I'm taking my own good advice. (Someone has to do it!) I assigned myself 10 for 10 again--ten days of taking at least ten minutes daily for creative right-brain-led play in any medium, without focus on outcome. (For more about that read this post).

That was three days ago. Already I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I am once again amazed at how much can happen in ten minutes, how it leavens the day, how it pops the bubble of believing in Not Enough. And I know a longer session of studio work will come around at the right time, when that wave is ready to lift and carry me. I'm in no hurry--what a relief.

People Who Have to Do The Dishes
Before They Can Get to Work