Monday, November 12, 2007

Getting Started

.Girl Power, 5ft square, fabric collage, '98? (available--inquire at

I'd get bed spins when I'd lay down after working on her all day.

She has a lot of The Little Stinker in her. The Little Stinker liked to play with sticks, too. Played Knights: whirled around dodging bullets, triumphing with only a sword. Whacked the legs of the swing set into a lumpy mess.

She's the Two of Wands (reversed): "....someone jumping directly into new experience. When we leave behind safe situations and past success to enter the unknown, we liberate so much emotion and energy that we cannot avoid either the wonder and enchantment or the fear that goes with it..." Rachel Pollack, Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom.

The unknown=this blog thing. I got so excited at the idea, I boinked my head on the ceiling of my little safe situation, just thinking about going out to play in such a big world. Got a migraine complete with throwing up!

The inspiration for this piece was a photo taken by my friend Kate Zephyr. Kate remembered the girl's first name, Darcy, and the town she was in, but nothing else. When I finished, I went to that little town and asked in the general store if they knew a Darcy who was a real wild child. They gave me directions to a house where a child named Darcy lived, but they said she was very quiet. It WAS the same girl, and she was reserved and shy--maybe partly because I was peering at her a little too intensely after spending 6 months looking into the fierce face that she had made in just that one little moment.

I've been quite reserved and shy myself. Gotta hold some of that Little Stinker in reserve. Here's a portrait of me when I was 4--see? Quiet, a little scared. The new moon is for beginning. More about beginning, later. Thanks for visiting MY BLOG!!!