Thursday, November 29, 2007


This 12 inch mixed media Dancing Star is for a Penquis charity auction December 7 to raise money for heating fuel to warm Mainers this winter. Many different artists contributed wonderful decorated tin stars for the auction--you can see them here. You can even bid on them on-line before the auction.

A friend passed along this space weather site--great for star-gazers.

This piece was made when the Hale-Bot comet came traveling by. I hear current Comet Holmes is called "the oddball comet." A comet after my own heart.

Here are some other stars I've made:

Star in the East

Two Stars

Three Stars



  1. Jude, all the art on this page is so beautiful. It is all so beautiful and so Jude. Amazing colors and shapes and movement and vibrancy.
    Are you going to add price tags?

  2. Jaya said it - the art on this page is SO beautiful. I would love to know the dimensions of the pieces.

    I'm looking forward to coming back and sitting with an image and then talking back to it.


  3. I love the art on this page. My absolute favorite is "Three Stars". I will return for inspiration :)