Saturday, November 24, 2007



  1. Brilliant blog!
    I left a couple other comments but forgot to mention how awesome your art is. I also hope that that goes without saying. Still, it's nice to have it said. Isn't it? haha
    It was George Carlin that said, "Did you ever notice that whenever someone says that that goes without saying, they never go without saying it?"
    There...I said it!
    Dandy was here.

  2. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful moons with us. I was just feeling sad that the moon is moving away from full tonight, and to my delight, I found your blog, where I can see the moon full again, and again and again. Here's a little kid moon song: The moon shines over the houses, the moon shines over the trees. Sometimes the moon gets very small, sometimes the moon is round like a ball, sometimes I can't even see the moon at all....but the moon always comes back to me! Kathleenalune