Friday, November 23, 2007

What Does Stinkwanink Mean?

The Secret,
18'x24"(?) oils, '05

Stinkwanink (made-up noun); 1. a mild, affectionate insult: You stinkwanink! (to cat who has shredded entire last roll of toilet paper).

2. someone who doesn't get it right and doesn't care or is even glad: That stinkwanink did all the dishes except two forks.

3. a gizmo, a whatsis: the stinkwanink and the thingamabob sailed off in a fragile skiff.

4. philosphizing; a hem-haw: This whole stinkwanink about Creativity being a stick makes no sense to me.

Please tell us some of your favorite made-up words.

In my family, we had poosley (adverb, adjective) meaning peaked or poorly: I was still feeling pretty poosley the day after the watermelon fell on my head.

One of my all-time favorites is connubiate (verb) heard from a woman from New Orleans; a culinary term meaning to leave alone to allow flavors to marry: now we'll leave that gumbo to connubiate overnight and it'll taste much better. To blend, rest, associate, come into harmony.

Imaginary Friend 12"x12"(?) fabrics, late 80's?